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As part of our SixBit installation, we download and install a copy of SQL Server 2014 Express. SQL Server 2014 Express is a program from Microsoft. Our installation is really no different than the manual process of downloading SQL Server 2014 Express yourself and installing, we just do it for you automatically.


Sometimes SQL Server will not install on a computer for various reasons (i.e. it requires a reboot, a required component is missing, etc.). When that happens, the SixBit install can't perform a proper installation and therefore won't work properly. A 27502 error is usually the result.

Possible Causes:

There are a few things you should check right away before continuing.

  • make sure your hard drive is not compressed. SQL Server will not install on a compressed drive
  • make sure your computer name is NOT the same as your login name. SQL Server installs will fail if they are the same. If they are the same, change your computer name under your System settings on the Control Panel.
  • SQL Server can be very picky about requiring installation on a newly rebooted computer. If you have problems installing, you should reboot and try the installation again immediately after rebooting.
  • during the SixBit installation, when you are asked to specify the SQL Server location, click the database dropdown and choose "(local)\SIXBITDBSERVER". Then choose "SQL Server Authentication" and enter a userid of "sa" and a password of "S1xb1tR0x".

If the Possible Solutions did not identify the problem, then proceed to the following steps.

1. Follow the steps in How to Tell if the SixBit Agent and Services are Running to make sure the SixBit Agent and SQL Server (SIXBITDBSERVER) services are running.  If you restarted the services, try the SixBit installation again.  If you still receive the error or if you didn't find the services listed continue to the next step.

2. At this point, perhaps the simplest fix is to manually install SQL Server 2014 following the steps at Installing SQL Server 2014 for SixBit.  After manually installing SQL Server, try the SixBit installation again.  If you still receive the error continue to the next step.

If the SQL Server installation failed, continue to Step 5.

3. Check your SQL Server Configuration Settings. If you still receive the error continue to the next step.

4. Check your remote connection settings in SQL Server Management Studio. If you still receive the error continue to the next step.

5. SQL Server cannot be installed on a compressed drive. To check to see if your drive is compressed, go to My Computer and right-click the drive you are trying to install SixBit onto. Select Properties. Near the bottom, make sure the "Compress this drive to save disk space" is unchecked. If it is checked, then you will have to uncheck it. This may involve having to remove enough data on your drive to allow the remaining data to be uncompressed.

If this did not solve the problem, proceed to the following steps to identify the reason SQL Server will not install:

1. SQL Server will log its attempted installation in a folder called C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log. There are several files in this folder that can help us understand why SQL Server won't load. Go to this folder now.

2. Open the file Summary.txt in the Log folder. This is a summary log of your latest SQL Server Installation attempt. It may include clues as to why SQL Server wouldn't install. Se the List of Summary.txt messages below for more information.

3. In the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\150\Setup Bootstrap\Log you will find one or more folders. Each will be named with a date of an attempted installation. Open the folder for the latest installation attempt and look at the file named SystemConfigurationCheck_Report.htm. That file will provide the results of the system check to see if your system is acceptable for SQL Server 2014.

4. If you haven't found the problem yet, look at the files that start with: Detail or Summary. Check it against the list of errors at the bottom of this article to see if it identifies the cause.

5. If you still haven't been able to figure out the issue, please submit a support ticket with a copy of the LogSet_YourPCName_2010MMDD_HHMMSS. This is a zip file containing all the logs.

List of Summary.txt messages and their cause:

The following errors may appear in the Summary.txt file.

Attributes do not match. Present attributes (Directory, Compressed), included attributes (0), excluded attributes (Archive, Compressed, Encrypted). - This error is caused by trying to install SixBit on a drive that is compressed. SQL Server requires an uncompressed drive.

'' is not a valid login or you do not have permission. - This error is caused when your computer name and user account name are the same. Change the computer name.

Error 27506 - the server could not load DCOM (7404) - This error occurs when the installation program is not allowed to create the initial database. It is caused when a firewall on your computer is preventing this action. Known security programs that cause this are CA Security Suite (California Associates) and nVidia Hardware firewalls. Try deactivating the security software, then perform the installation and reactivate when completed.

An error occurred during the installation of assembly Microsoft.VC80.CRT,version="8.0.50727.4053",type="win32",publicKeyToken='1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorarchitecture="x86". Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT:0x800736FD - This error can be solved by running the VC++ Upgrade at

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