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Aspects Adoption/Item Specifics Bulk Updating (03-2022) So you have a bunch of violations eBay is flagging your listings on and you'd like to get them... Authorizing Shopify in SixBit (New Store Integrations) This guide is a two-step process. We'll first need to enable custom apps in the Shopify website... Complying with eBay's Product Identifiers in SixBit In an effort to make items more discoverable on the site, as part of the Spring 2015 Seller... Custom Durations Following the 2019 Spring Seller Update, eBay has removed the option to use 30-day durations for... Custom Label and SKU mapping in SixBit Description of issue: ·          Listings seem to have the wrong pictures and/or titles in... Editing Reports Some users may have experienced some unwanted behavior in their report printing after updating to... How to Move Items From One eBay Account to another Moving items from one store to another in SixBit is a fairly straight-forward process. First, if... How to Move Listings From One eBay Account to another EBay does not allow users to assign a different seller account to “Running" listings. So, you... How to change Return data using a SixBit Preset Return type data is stored inside the SixBit Payment Preset, so you'll need to make Return data... Missing User Defined Item Specifics - v.4.00.344 Recently eBay released the Fall 2021 Seller Updates to categories and item specifics. This has... Moving to SixBit 2.0 CSV Import With the release of SixBit 2.0 the overall importing and exporting process has been upgraded to... Multi-Warehouse Integration Beta Testing for eBay Benefits of Multi-Warehouse Integration  - Improved Order Fulfillment Efficiency: With... Refreshing Hits and Watchers Users may have seen issues with Hits and Watchers not updating. This is due to an issue in the... Revising HTTP to HTTPS To make your listings compliant with eBay’s HTTPS standards, you have a few options in SixBit.... What Every Blackthorne User Should Know About SixBit If you use eBay Blackthorne to manage your eBay listings, we'd like you to know a few things... What Every Turbo Lister User Should Know About SixBit eBay’s Turbo Lister has been around for a long time and has helped hundreds of thousands of users...
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