Troubleshooting Scheduled Listings

As you may know, SixBit allows you to schedule listings two different ways.  You can schedule them by sending them to eBay immediately and paying their fee to list the items at the scheduled time, or you can leave your computer running and let SixBit schedule them for you at the appointed time.

Scheduling listings through SixBit is free but has several requirements to work properly.  If those requirements are not met, then your items may not list at the desired time.  

If your items did not list, please review the following topics to make sure everything is set correctly.

Agent Setup

All scheduled listings are performed by the Agent.   If your scheduled listings are not occurring, the first thing to do is to ensure that the Agent is running.  Please see Troubleshooting the SixBit Agent to solve any Agent issues.

The Agent may be run on any computer, but if you are scheduling listings through SixBit, the optimal setup is to have the Agent running ONLY on the computer that is hosting the database.  To set which computers are running the Agent, see Automatically Synchronizing Using the Agent.

Computer Available

For SixBit to post scheduled listings, the computer that is running the Agent must be on and have an internet connection at the time of the scheduled listings.

You should ensure that the computer with the Agent stays on during the listing time and that it does not go to sleep.   You can check this from Control Panel|System and Security|Power Options.  Select "Change when the computer sleeps" and make sure it is set to Never.

If the computer running the Agent is not the same computer that is hosting the database, then you must also ensure that your network is operational at the time of the listing submission.  If either the host computer or the computer running the Agent goes to sleep, then the submissions will not occur.


Time and Date

You should verify that all computers on your network have the correct time and date.  If you schedule listings on one computer and the time on the server is different, there are a number of situations that can affect the proper listing of your items.

Most computers automatically synchronize with the Windows Time server to keep the accurate time, however, if your time zone or daylight savings settings are incorrect on a computer, it will give you the wrong time on that machine.  You can verify your time zone and daylight savings settings from Control Panel | Clock, Language and Region | Date and Time.  Select Change the Time Zone, then click the Change Time Zone button.



As always, you should ensure that all computers are running the same version of SixBit.

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