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When you submit a ticket, you want a timely, accurate, helpful response.  We also want to help you with as few back and forth emails as possible.  When submitting tickets, please keep these tips in mind to help minimize the time it takes to solve your problem.

- Use clear concise English, proper punctuation, and do not type in all caps.

- When referring to buttons or features of the program, please use their specific names.  i.e Description Wrappers, Item Templates, etc.  Don’t confuse Items and Listings.

- Please specify the version you are using (i.e 1.04.064).  Telling us that you are using “the latest version” can quickly be outdated if a new version is released.

- Please provide information on what you have tried.

- If you received an error, please provide a screenshot or the text of the error.  See Screenshot KB Article for info on creating a screenshot.

- If the error can be reproduced, please provide specific steps.

- If asked to provide affected ListingIDs or ItemIDs, please provide specific numbers not just "all of them I just listed".  

- Avoid submitting tickets from your phone.  The resulting terse, cryptic, abbreviated, misspelled tickets can be very hard to diagnose.

Remember, the more you can tell us about the issue, the faster and better we can help you.

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