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If the database is in Single User mode please take the following steps to correct the issue:

1. From the search box under Windows Start in Vista or Windows 7, or from Start|Run in Windows XP, enter "services.msc" to show the list of services running on your computer. Look for "SixBit Agent" in the list. Right-click it and select "Stop".
2. Open a Command Prompt from Start | Programs | Accessories | Command Prompt.
3. At the prompt, enter sqlcmd -S localhost\SIXBITDBSERVER and hit enter.
4. Type: use master
5. Hit the enter key
6. Type: go
7. Hit the enter key
8. Type: alter database SixBit set multi_user (Note: "SixBit" should be replaced with the name of the database you are trying to restore)
9. Hit the enter key
10. Type: go
11. Hit the enter key
12. Once that completes, go back to the Services list, right-click and select Start for the SixBit Agent.

Now restart SixBit and you should be able to open the database.

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