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How to change Return data using a SixBit Preset Print

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Return type data is stored inside the SixBit Payment Preset, so you'll need to make Return data changes there. If you're using more than one Payment Preset, remember to make Return changes to all named Payment Presets. If you're already familiar with Presets and have been using named presets on your items and listings: After a named preset is updated SixBit will prompt you for a revise on all records using the named preset.

 If you're not sure if you're using a named Payment Preset:

If a Preset shows as "manual" it is not named and the data you see in is not shared with other items or listings. Changing a manual preset would change only the item you're looking at. A preset with a Name is Preset created by the user and Named presets can be shared and bulk applied.  If your items are not using a named Payment Preset, now is a good time to create one and assign it to your Listings and Items.

To learn more about the payment preset see:

After creating a named Payment Preset, bulk apply the preset to Running listings and Inventory items:

For Running listings, go to Check Listing mode, click on the Running filter and select all listing in the grid view.

Next, in the upper left, click Revise| Batch Change, choose Payment Preset, and then the named preset you created, then click OK to send revisions. 

Please keep in mind, there may be times that revisions fail. eBay has rules for revisions, rules like existing bids, best offers or ending times within 12 hours. If the revise fails, you may want to consider ending the listing and starting it again with the updated Preset.

To be sure all Items are assigned the correct Payment Preset (for relisting or submitting again) use a Batch Change on all items in the Item Repository. To do this, select all Items, click Edit| Batch Change choose Payment Preset, the named preset you created, and finally click OK to apply the changes.

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