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SixBit is available and licensed as a subscription-based software application.  To use any edition of SixBit, including the free Starter Edition, you must subscribe to obtain a registration key that will enable the program.

Why is SixBit subscription-based?

We feel the subscription model works best for us.  Most licensed software is sold for an initial licensing fee, and then offers upgrades every year or so.  In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, we can't afford to wait a year between releases.  eCommerce sites change very quickly and we need to respond quickly with new releases.   With a subscription model, we can respond to changes and implement user requests in a matter of days rather than months or years.

What subscription levels are available?

SixBit is available as a Home and Hobby Edition, Small Business Edition, or Enterprise Edition.  You can see a full comparison along with pricing on our Products page. 

Is there a trial period?

Yes.  There is a trial period of 30 days. If you do not like SixBit for any reason, simply unsubscribe before the end of the 30 days.

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe by picking a product out on our Pricing Page and then checking out. Simply select the version that's right for you.  During the subscription process, you will create a SixBit Client Account that you will enable you to manage your subscription in the future.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription at any time?

Yes.  All editions of SixBit are essentially the same program with varying levels of functionality.  You can easily switch between editions without having to reimport any data or settings.  This will allow your business to grow uninterrupted. 

Simply logon to your client account on our Support page and select "Services > My Services" then click the "View Details" button next to your subscription.  On the details page, click "Management Actions | Upgrade/Downgrade" to see a list of the versions you can switch to.  Click "Choose Product" next to the version you would like to switch to.  Your invoice will be adjusted appropriately to only charge you for the days you use at each subscription level.

What configurations are available for my subscription?

Users can choose to remove the "Powered by" tagline from their subscription.  We want our customers to be successful and we hope they feel the same way about us.  Each subscription is priced to include a $3.00/mo. discount for allowing us to place a "Powered by SixBit" tagline in your listings and emails.  This helps build our business and continue to add new and better features for our users.  If you do not wish to have the tagline, you can configure your subscription to remove it, but this will remove the discount also.  To remove the tagline, logon to your client account on our Support page and select "Services->My Services" then click the "View Details" button next to your subscription.  On the details page, click "Management Actions|Add/Remove Addon Modules". Check or uncheck the modules you want to change and then "Click to Continue".

How do I cancel my subscription?

Before canceling your subscription, we would love the opportunity to make things right.  If you were unsuccessful in resolving an issue but are still interested in using SixBit, please send an email to our president John Slocum (

If you want to cancel your subscription for other reasons, simply login to your Client Area on our website.  Then click on "Services" to see your subscriptions.  Click the "Active" button next to your subscription, then click "Cancel".  Please provide a brief reason for your cancellation to help us understand how to better serve our community.  Your invoice will be adjusted appropriately to only charge you for the days used.

What is the next step after I subscribe?

After subscribing, you will receive a Welcome email containing all the steps necessary to download and install SixBit.  If you do not receive the email, please check your spam filter.  If you still do not find it, you can always view all emails from your client area.  Log in to your Client Area and select "Email History" from the "Hello" dropdown on the right.  Look for the email entitled "SixBit Subscription Welcome".

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