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After Import, Sales are Linked to the Wrong Item Print

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After an import from eBay, some sales are created showing the wrong picture and are linked to the wrong item.


When SixBit imports items from eBay, it will create items for each listing you have running. If you have multiple listings running for the same item, SixBit will attempt to match those duplicate listings to an existing item so that it does not create duplicate items. It does this by first looking at the "custom label" field on eBay. The custom label field on eBay is usually used as a unique identifier (SKU). By default, we save the custom label field in the SKU field. If multiple listings have the same custom label (SKU) value, then we will assume that they are all created from the same item.


Sales will be linked to incorrect items when the "custom label" field on eBay is not a unique identifier, yet it is mapped to SKU in the SixBit options window.


If your custom labels on eBay are not unique, you should go to Options | Refresh in SixBit and map the custom label field to a field other than the SKU field. Once you do that, future items won't import correctly.

To fix incorrect items currently, simply delete the incorrect items from the Sell Items mode, make the change to Options|Refresh described above and then do a reimport from eBay.

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