How to post screenshots to the Discussion Board

Fixing some bugs is easier if we can see what you see. Therefore, we may ask you for a screenshot while SixBit is running.

If you aren't familiar with creating screenshots, then please follow these instructions:

1. Load SixBit to the screen or error message that you want to create a screenshot image from.
2. Press and hold the Ctrl key and press the PrtScrn key on your keyboard. This will place the screenshot on the clipboard.
3. Open Microsoft Paint (or your image program of choice) by choosing Start | All Programs | Accessories | Paint in your Windows Start Menu.
4. Click Edit|Paste from the Paint menu.
5. Click File|Save As from the Paint menu.
6. Enter a name for the screenshot, and choose JPEG as the file type, and save the file to your "My Documents" folder (or folder of your choice).
7. Make a post to the board, and use the "Click to Attach Files" button in the Attachments section below the Topic editor to upload your screenshot image to the board.

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