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Guaranteed Delivery

As part of the eBay Fall Seller Update, sellers can opt into the eBay Guaranteed Delivery Program (EGD).  Sellers interested in joining this program should review the eBay Pages doc here.  Sellers can also review the Fall Seller Update for 2017 in its entirety here.  SixBit users who wish to start using the EGD can follow the instructions below to get started.

1.  Users will first need to update SixBit to at least version 3.00.241; prior versions will not support EGD.

2.  After updating SixBit, users must opt into EGD.  

Go to and click Opt-In Now

3.  After opting in, users need to set up their rate tables, cutoffs, etc. 

Log into your eBay account and navigate to the Site Preferences area

In the Shipping Preferences section, click the Edit button for "Use Shipping Rate Tables"

Setup a rate table.  Users who offer international shipping will need to setup an International Rate Table in addition to the Domestic Rate Table

Authorize ReST calls.  In SixBit, click File > Manage > Profile > Your Profile and click Authorize ReST.  Provide your password and click Agree.

If NOT using eBay's Business Policies; users will need to go into SixBit and click File > Refresh > Sync Auxiliary Data to get the rate tables into SixBit

If using eBay's Business Policies; users will need to update those in My eBay to select the Rate Tables.  No further action required in SixBit.

4.  In SixBit, users can now set their items/listings to use the EGD preset or policy

In SixBit, users will be able to see EGD orders both in the Ship Orders grid and in the Edit Order window.  

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