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Moving items from one store to another in SixBit is a fairly straight-forward process. First, if you haven't already, you need to create a new Profile in SixBit by clicking File > Manage > Profile > Manage Profile > New, then enter the eBay username and click Authorize.  After authorizing the second account, you may want to import listings for that account by going to the Sell Items mode and clicking Import > Import from eBay


Once set up and authorized, you can then update your items in bulk to set the new Profile through the Batch Change window, or manually by opening a single item in Sell Items mode, and setting the Profile from the drop-down menu in the Organization tab. Once the Profile is set on the item you can then submit the item to eBay within SixBit and it will list to the newly added Profile.  In the case where the item has profile-specific information applied to it already (for example, store categories, and seller account specific shipping presets or business policies), that information will be removed from the item, since it does not apply to the newly selected profile, and may need to be re-set.  For this reason, we can recommend making a batch change definition to change these fields at the same time.


The following link to the User's Guide provides more information about Creating a Profile:


The following link to the User's Guide provides more information about Updating the Profile in the Item Window:



Q: Can't I just change the listings?

A: No, eBay does not allow the direct transfer of listings from one seller account to another.  It is necessary to make the above changes on the Item record(s) in SixBit and then submit to eBay.


Q: Will SixBit automatically remove the other listing if one sells?

A: SixBit is not able to manage inventory that is listed multiple times on the same site.  If a listing sells on eBay that is also listed to another account, you would have to manually adjust the inventory or end the remaining running listing from the Check Listings mode. 


Q: After changing the profile on a lot of different items, how could I tell what the original profile was for those items?

A: You can set a note in the Notes field, something like "original Profile A".  You could also make use of the custom folder organization in the Sell Items Workflow or Item Repository

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