Running SixBit from a Non-Admin User Account

All supported versions of Windows have the ability to create multiple user accounts.  Each Windows User Account can be given its own permissions.  Initially, Windows has an Admin account that has all privileges on a computer.  SixBit must be installed from the Admin account, but after that, it can be run in a non-admin account.

When running in a non-admin account, however, you will need to provide credentials to access the database since the database was installed by the Admin account.  You will be shown the database connection window when you start SixBit from a non-admin user.  On the connection window, you must specify that you want to "Use SQL Server Authentication".  For the userid, you will enter "sa", and for the password, you will use "S1xb1tR0x".

Once you are connected from the non-admin account, you won't have to provide the credentials again.

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