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Blackthorne users can use either an Access database or a SQL Server database. SixBit can only import a SQL Server Blackthorne database, so if you are using an Access database in Blackthorne, you will need to upgrade it to a SQL Server database first. The good news is that installing SixBit can make the Blackthorne upgrade process easier and you can follow the steps below to upgrade your Blackthorne database and then import it into SixBit.


1. First, you must make sure you are running Blackthorne version 4.01.016 or greater. You can check this in Help|About. If you are not running 4.01.016 or greater, upgrade to the latest version and start the program to apply any database changes.

2. Next, you'll install the latest version of SixBit (v. 1.00.009 or later). By installing SixBit, a copy of SQL Server 2008 R2 will be installed on your computer and you won't have to manually install SQL Server as described in the Blackthorne process. Its actually easier to use SixBit to upgrade your Blackthorne database than to use the Blackthorne process itself.

3. Follow the Blackthorne instructions at to create a SQL database in Blackthorne. You should use the Windows Authentication option and the instance name of SIXBITDBSERVER instead of SQLEXPRESS. Click the Create SQL Server Database button to begin the process.

NOTE: If you are not running Blackthorne Pro, you may not see the option to upgrade to a SQL Server database. If so, please see for instructions on creating a SQL Server database using Blackthorne Basic.


After it completes and switches you to the SQL database, you can exit Blackthorne.


4. Start SixBit. Un-check "Import my currently running eBay Listings" on the Welcome screen.


Click Continue to fill in the License Key and Business Profile information if you haven't already.


5. Click the Application button in the upper left (orange guy) to select the Import|Import from Blackthorne Option.


Set the Authentication method to Windows Authentication and the instance name to SIXBITDBSERVER, matching the ones used in Step 3.


6. Let it run. Depending upon the size of your database, it may take a while. Once finished, SixBit will switch to the newly created SixBit database, SixBit-BT after a restart.


7. One more thing... when converting your Blackthorne database to SQL Server, you may have to run a Blackthorne procedure to grant the proper backup permissions. The following topic from the Blackthorne documentation explains how to do this.

8. Congratulations, you're done. Welcome to SixBit!

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