Inventory Levels Aren't Accurate After Import from eBay


After importing from eBay some items do not have accurate inventory values.


When importing from eBay, SixBit tries to determine how many items you have and create existing purchase records for you. We assume that if you listed an auction with 5 items that you must have at least 5 items, so we make a purchase record entry for you.
In the case where you are importing multiple listings for the same item, we don't know how many items you really have, so we only create a purchase record for the first listing we come across.
For example, let's say that you listed an item twice last week and twice this week. This weeks items are still running. You've listed the item 4 times, but from that, we really cannot deduce how many you have. You many only have 1, or you may really have 4. We feel that the most prudent thing to do is to just assume that you have as many as you listed in the first listing. This will prevent unnecessary purchase records from being created and will be the easiest for the user to adjust.


The solution is to simply open the Purchase History window for the item that has the incorrect inventory counts and properly record your purchases.

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