Signature Confirmation Not Appearing on Customs Forms


When printing international or APO postage, a customs form is also printed out. Before printing the form, you must sign your name and check a box in SixBit's Postage window verifying the contents of the package. This will send the name and signature verification to the customs form when printed.


When the customs form is printed, there is no signature on it.

Possible Causes:

Endicia Dazzle ships with many postage layout files. Some of those files are outdated and will no longer work for printing the confirmation. Here is a list of the supported and outdated layout files from Endicia.

Only the following layouts support the Customs Certify and Customs signature
For APO addresses:
   APO FPO Mail Shipping Label.lyt

Or these new ones as of DAZzle 11.5.02
   APO and US Territory Label - Large.lyt
   APO and US Territory Label - Small 6x4.lyt
And for international:
   Large Express Mail International Shipping Label.lyt
   Large Priority Mail International Shipping Label.lyt
   Zebra Small First Class Mail International Shipping Label.lyt
   Zebra Small Priority Mail International Shipping Label.lyt
Or these new ones as of DAZzle 11.5.02
   International Label - Large.lyt
   International Label - Small 6x4.lyt
The following are obsolete and do not support the customs signer, Stealth or the commercial based pricing
   Zebra International mail shipping label.lyt
   International mail shipping label.lyt


Use one of the supported label layouts described above.

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